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Technological Trends in 2024

Tendencias tecnológicas en 2024

Do you want to know which technological trends will take center stage in 2024? The world of technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and the year 2024 promises to be marked by a series of revolutionary trends that will redefine how we interact with information, artificial intelligence (AI), and the business environment.

According to a recent study by the prestigious consulting firm Gartner, these are the key trends that will shape the technological landscape in the coming months.

Top 10 Technological Trends in 2024

1. AI Trust, Risk, and Security Management (AI TRiSM)

Artificial intelligence is at the core of many innovations and controversies, posing significant challenges in terms of trust and security. Organizations will strive to implement practices ensuring transparency, ethics, and security in the development and deployment of AI-based solutions.

2. Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

Cybersecurity remains a fundamental concern, and Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) emerges as a proactive response to constant challenges in this field. Companies will adopt more dynamic and adaptive approaches to security, using real-time threat analysis and agile response strategies to maintain network and data security.

3. Sustainable Technology

Sustainability has become an imperative in all sectors, including technology. In 2024, there will be a renewed focus on sustainable technology, from device manufacturing to efficient resource and energy management. Companies will lead initiatives to minimize their environmental footprint while reinforcing ethical and sustainable development through eco-friendly practices.

4. Platform Engineering

Platform engineering is essential for developing internal and scalable systems through interfaces with tools and services optimizing developer experience and accelerating commercial value delivery. Platforms developed and managed by specialized teams will foster operational agility and efficiency, promoting collaboration between platform engineers and end-users.

5. AI-Assisted Development

The synergy between human resources and artificial intelligence will intensify through techniques like generative AI and Machine Learning (ML), enhancing developer productivity. This assisted development paradigm encompasses tools for transitioning from design to code, AI-assisted testing, and AI coding assistants. These technological solutions enable developers to focus on complex tasks, such as application design and composition, by efficiently delegating routine and error-prone tasks to the AI environment.

6. Cloud Industrial Platforms

The cloud remains a catalyst for digital transformation due to its scalability and customization based on each business’s needs. In a business environment characterized by disruption and constant evolution, the inherent “composability” of these cloud platforms (Software as a Service – SaaS, Platform as a Service – PaaS, Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS) emerges as a key factor. This property allows organizations to configure and assemble solutions agilely and flexibly, providing an effective response to changing challenges and ensuring alignment with business strategic objectives.

7. Smart Apps

Intelligent applications, powered by AI and advanced analytics, will become fundamental for enhancing the user experience and providing personalized solutions. They combine access to transactional data and external information sources to achieve high predictive or recommendation capabilities.

8. Democratized Generative AI

The democratization of generative artificial intelligence will enable a broader spectrum of professionals to create content and automate tasks, increasing productivity and reducing costs. Easy access to extensive sources of information, both internal and external, can be achieved through the implementation of natural language conversational interfaces, such as a virtual assistant.

9. Augmented Connected Workforce

Employees will have tools that enhance collaboration and task automation. Companies will need to design employee experiences where knowledge is guided by intelligent technology, significantly reducing learning and execution time. Thus, digital competencies will be accessible to various profiles of workers.

10. Machine Clients or Automated Clients, IoT

The interaction between machines, known as “machine clients,” will be an emerging trend in 2024. This involves direct communication and decision-making between connected devices, leading to increased automation and efficiency in various contexts, from logistics to customer service.

2024 has just begun

It is evident that security, sustainability, and AI will take center stage this year. These technological trends projected for 2024, as analyzed by Gartner (available here), outline a dynamic and transformative landscape in the technological realm, destined to redefine how organizations interact with information, implement solutions, and manage their operations.

These trends have been emerging in recent years and are becoming increasingly established and continuously evolving, both for businesses and citizens.

How to Prepare to Embrace Technological Trends in 2024

There is growing interest in maximizing their full potential, but the most intriguing aspect is that there is still no definitive answer to how far they can go. Therefore, it is essential to rely on experts and specialized professionals who can guide us in the optimized and secure use of these tools.

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