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Easily deal with the collection of outstanding invoices regardless of where you are and at your own pace. Streamline frictionless interaction with your customers to collect outstanding amounts.

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Implement our solutions to improve collections

Security, confidence and confidentiality

Secure environments and trusted third parties available to you and your customers

Chatbot de reserva de servicios

Efficient debt recovery

Make debt collection and recovery more agile

Our chatbots will allow you to speed up the debt collection and recovery process for outstanding amounts owed by your customers, eliminating intermediaries and making it easier for both parties. It sounds good, doesn’t it?

Discover the solutions provided by Imbee’s debt recovery chatbot. Collect outstanding amounts quickly and efficiently, without doing away with the empathy of a conversation in real time. Make sure to watch our example video.

It’s just the beginning of what you can achieve!r!

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